Superintendent Message to Families - 4/02/2020

Hello Linden Unified families,

This is your Superintendent, Rick Hall, with an important announcement.

With the recent news from our state Superintendent and Governor that schools will likely remain closed through the end of the year, we are making the following adjustments:

All schools will remain closed through May 29th, the end of our school year.

Classes will continue to be in session using the Distance Learning model.

Meals will continue to be served via our meal pickup locations listed on the district webpage, excluding spring break.

I know there are many questions regarding how we will end the year with things like grading, report cards, awards, scholarships, and graduation. District administration is reviewing the guidance provided by the state to help us develop answers.

If there is an opportunity to return to school prior to the end of the year, we will. Unfortunately, we need to plan for the worse.

I want to assure you we are not leaving our students to homeschool, but we are in partnership with families to provide and support distance learning. Our teachers know and understand their responsibility to teach your student and are working hard so your student is prepared for next year. It is as important for you to participate by communicating with your teacher, and checking on your student to see what he or she has done for the day. Your student is expected and required to complete the school year through distance learning, or packets, if provided by your teacher.

Thank you as we partner for your student’s success.