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Meet the Teachers

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5th Grade Teachers
Mr. Ackerman
5th Grade, RM 2
"Bear Down! Go Wildcats!"
Heather Haley-Baden
Mrs. Haley-Baden
5th Grade, RM 4
"You are llamazing"
Marilyn Zolezzi
Mrs. Zolezzi
5th Grade, RM 3
"Push your chair in!"
6th Grade Teachers
 Joanna Cocola
Mrs. Cocola
6th Grade, RM 5
"Follow the golden rule."
Jennifer Pierce
Miss Pierce
6th Grade, RM 6
"We can't go anywhere until I find my keys."
Kaelyn Taylor
Miss Taylor
6th Grade, RM 1
"Never stop learning because life never stops teaching"
7th Grade Teachers
T Coyle
Mrs. Coyle
7th Grade, RM 12
"Reading gives you power"
Miss Phillips
7th Grade, RM 16
Miss Rekemesik
7th Grade, RM 18
"Cry me a river"
8th Grade Teachers
Mr. Anderson
8th Grade, RM 22
"Think like a proton, always positive."
Mrs. Baumgarten
8th Grade, RM 17
Mr. Tobler
8th Grade, RM 20
"You sit on the throne of lies!"
Mr. Pettis
7th/8th, RM 10
"You are not cheating me, you are cheating yourself. So do your exercises!."

Mr. Iles
5th-8th RSP, RM 15
Elective Teachers
Mr. Kell
Choir, RM 23
"Life is a song!"

Mrs. Schweigerdt
Band, MPR
"Please excuse the noise, we are creating a masterpiece!"